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Chi ben comincia... #4 | "The List" di Siobhan Vivian

Oggi sul blog leggerete l'inizio - in inglese, in quanto si tratta di un inedito - del libro che dovrei iniziare a leggere. Già, dovrei, perché in realtà non sono davvero sicura di cominciarlo oggi visto che sto per uscire di casa e non so se poi stasera avrò abbastanza tempo o se crollerò esausta a letto. 

In ogni caso... 

Chi ben comincia... è una rubrica ideata da Alessia del blog Il profumo dei libri. Ad ogni appuntamento viene presentato l'incipit di un libro - già letto, in lettura o da leggere - in modo da aiutarci a capire se il libro merita la nostra attenzione.

1.Prendete un libro qualsiasi contenuto nella vostra libreria
2. Copiate le prime righe del libro (possono essere 10, 15, 20 righe)
3. Scrivete titolo e autore per chi fosse interessato
4.Aspettate i commenti

For as long as anyone can remember, the students of Mount Washington High have arrived at school on the last Monday in September to find a list naming the prettiest and the ugliest girl in each grade
   This year will be non different. 
   Roughly four hundred copies of the list currently hang in locations of varying conspicuousness. One is taped above the urinal in the first-floor boys' bathroom, one covers the just-announced cast for the fall drama production of Pennies from Heaven, one is tucked between pamphlets for dating violence and depression in the nurse's office. The list is affixed to locker doors, slipped inside classroom desks, stapled to bullettin boards. 
   The bottom right corner of each copy has been dimpled by an embossing stamp, leaving behind the scar of Mount Washington High rendered as a line drawing - before the indoor pool, the new gymnasium, and a wing of high-tech science labs were added. This stamp had certified every graduation diploma before it was stolen from the principal's desk drawer decades ago. It is now a piece of mythic contraband used to discorauge copycats or competitors. 
   No one knows for sure who authors the list each year, or how the responsability is passsed along, but secrecy has not impeded tradition. If anything, the guaranteed anonymity makes the judgments of the list appear more absolute, impartial, unbiased. 
   And so, with every new list, the labels that normally slice and dice the girls of Mount Washington High into a billion different distinctions - poseurs, populars, users, losers, social climbers, athletes, airheads, good girls, bad girls, girlie girls, guy's girls, sluts, closet sluts, born-again virgins, prudes, over-achievers, slackers, stoners, outcasts, originals, geeks, and freaks, to name just a few - will melt away. The list is refreshing in that sense. It can reduce an entire female population down to three clear-cut groups. 
   And everyone else. 
   This morning, before the first homeroom bell, every girl at Mount Washington High will learn if her name is on the list or not. 
   The ones who aren't will wonder what the experience, good or bad, might have been like. 
   The eight girls who are won't have a choice.

(Siobahn Vivian - The List)

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